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Remember Me Now: A Journey Back to Myself and a Love Letter to Black Women

Remember Me Now: A Journey Back to Myself and a Love Letter to Black Women

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Publication Date: January 17th, 2023
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An unforgettable invitation to treat our lives as the sacred things they are—and a call to embrace the love, dreams, and healing that only we can choose for ourselves.
“A must-read for all Black women . . . Remember Me Now is more than words on paper. It’s a journey back to ourselves.”—Toni Collier, speaker, podcast host, and author of Brave Enough to Be Broken

When Breonna Taylor was killed, her police report was virtually blank. Feeling as if she was suffocating in the initial silence and lack of public outcry, anti-racism educator and activist Faitth Brooks wondered, “Would the world care about and remember me if I was killed?”
In Remember Me Now, Faitth grapples with the answer, charting the story of her activist grandparents and ancestors, as well as chronicling her own journey as the first-generation suburbs kid who becomes an activist and organizer herself. Part manifesto, part love letter to Black women, Remember Me Now shows us how we learn to celebrate the fullness of ourselves—a holy, defiant, and necessary move in a world determined to silence us. 

Filled with transporting stories, poems, and letters to sisters of all walks of life, Remember Me Now is a transformational read that calls Black women to be their own activists. It's a reminder to all that Black women matter, and our lives, voices, and stories are worth everything.

About the Author

Faitth Brooks is a writer, speaker, social worker, activist, and co-host of the Melanated Faith podcast. She engages in activism by working with nonprofits to find sustainable solutions to systemic issues, as well as by being a strategist and consultant for brands and influencers. Faitth has served as the director of programs and innovation for Be the Bridge and director of women's empowerment for Legacy Collective. In addition to leveraging her speaking and social media platforms to enliven collective liberation centered on the sisterhood of Black women, Faitth is crafting a communal space where Black sisters can explore rest, tenderness, and softness.

Praise for Remember Me Now: A Journey Back to Myself and a Love Letter to Black Women

Remember Me Now is more than words on paper. It’s a journey back to ourselves—back to the strength of our ancestors, back to reclaim the joy that was stolen, back to lament and show up today with our heads held high. A must-read for all Black women.”—Toni Collier, speaker, podcast host, and author of Brave Enough to Be Broken

“Faitth Brooks opens her deeply generous and candid book with an invitation for readers to allow their story to merge with hers at that very tender junctionof empathy and humanity. This book made me feel honored and delighted to have been a guest at her table. I left nourished and satisfied.”—Marcie Alvis Walker, creator of Black Coffee with White Friends

“Black women everywhere will be reminded that we are more than our struggles and are worthy of a life well lived.”—Danielle Coke, illustrator and activist

Remember Me Now is for everyone who has felt unseen and unheard. It is a lampstand for the weary and a balm for the restless. It is the book we need now to encourage us on the journey of life. The words on these pages will lift every fatigued soul who has ever doubted themselves.”—Latasha Morrison, founder and president of Be the Bridge

“Faitth writes with a level of authenticity that will connect with your soul.”—Ekemini Uwan, public theologian and co-author of Truth’s Table: Black Women’s Musings on Life, Love, and Liberation

“Brooks gives us a necessary source of light, forged at the intersections of womanhood, blackness, audacity, and failure. Moving? Yes. A triumph? Yes.”—Danté Stewart, speaker and award-winning author of Shoutin’ in the Fire

Remember Me Now is beautifully affirming and extremely necessary. As a Black woman, this is a book I needed, and the divine timing couldn’t have been better. This book reminds us that we are worthy, we have a purpose, and celebrating ourselves is a radical act of resistance.”—Lettie Gore, historian, racial-justice educator, and podcast host of History Shows Us

“One of the most prominent voices of her generation, Faitth Brooks offers words with power to uplift Black women and enlighten those with a different lived experience.”—Rachel Macy Stafford, New York Times bestselling author and certified special education teacher

“With Remember Me Now, Brooks teaches us that our freedom depends on our courage to tell the truth about ourselves, one another, and this world. This is the book that I will read alongside my daughter with grateful tears and renewed resolve.”—James Howard Hill, Jr., PhD, assistant professor of religious studies at the University of Oklahoma

“An encouraging guide for those seeking self-discovery, fulfillment, and faith in an often unsafe world.”—Publishers Weekly

“A sincere and inspiring celebration of Black womanhood and coping with trauma. . . . Brooks’s insight, compassion, and astute political analysis make this memoir a worthwhile read.”—Kirkus Reviews